When I was a child I looked forward to parties thrown by my grandparents.

Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, welcome homes.? The reason was sometimes flimsy but the enjoyment had when everyone came together cancelled out the cause for the original organising.? Catching up with life events, sharing stories & experiences, welcoming new family members and friends, joining together to console or congratulate were all wrapped up in the cosy glow of the special occasion. Good company, good food & drink is the foundation of a happy, meaningful life.

As I grew older I sometimes found the invitation to join other family & friends an inconvenience. Increasing commitments through, study, work, new relationships squeezed my availability to family commitments. Although an inconvenience to me, the gathering held such importance to my grandmother.

Recent years have seen the loss of some dear friends & family members. Sometimes shocking and unexpectedly soon. Each year passes quicker than the last (my gran had warned me that this would happen) and although my gran is no longer here, I appreciate the need to gather together to share every life event, to mark life?s milestones, welcoming, congratulating and celebrating.? Its the cause for planning & preparing in anticipation of good times. It’s everything good about living for today. Life is too short not to take the time to mark events with significant people in our lives.? Family, friends, colleagues, drawn together through relatives or a common bond, it is so important to make time to celebrate all we love & appreciate.

What cause for creating a gathering do you have in the coming year?