Fluffy Duck Cocktail

This is a bit of a seasonal post as yellow chicks & fluffy ducks are appearing along with other spring and Easter paraphernalia reminding me of my first real cocktail. It seemed more real than the Babycham with glac? cherry I’d sampled during my cocktail initiation years.

My first cocktail was in newly opened wine bar in the town where I lived during my teenage years. It was the first wine bar I had experienced. Different from the noisy smokey pubs with standing room only. ?The wine bar offered sophistication, a place to hang out for cool people. It was mostly frequented by folk who had recently left school and their older brothers & sisters. You could order bar food and often live musicians were featured. I visited the bar with a good friend and we perched on bar stools and perused the cocktail menu. It was in the early eighties and most cocktails had lewd suggestive names, as was the fashion. A fluffy duck was probably one of the more sedately named drinks.

Served chilled in a wide rimmed hurricane glass, the drink didn’t disappoint. I sipped slowly making the drink last (I didn’t have much expendable cash being a student, with my only income coming from a weekend job in a local bakery cafe)

I enjoyed the relaxed, warming sensation that the alcohol induced.

I have many favourite cocktails, but the first one is remembered well. As a special Easter/Spring treat, I have re-created the Fluffy Duck.

I found a number of versions of the recipe some using rum & some using gin as the main spirit. This recipe is rum based which is what I had, way back, in the wine bar.
Here’s the rum version. ?It’s like a snowball with a kick.

1 measure white rum
1 measure advocaat
1 measure cream

Over ice, topped with lemonade & stirred
Strawberry garnish & straw to serve

What cocktail evokes memories of your past? Can you recreate a drink, to remind you of good times past?

Have a good Easter all.