After you?ve decided you want a cocktail party, you?ll need to choose your drinks menu.? Your cocktails should compliment your event and suit your guests.? Cocktails can be selected and tweaked to suit a range of themes.? If your party celebrates a particular era for example, it’s very easy to associate different drinks to that theme – drinking trends respond to fashions as everything else, so a 70s themed party could see me serving?Harvey Wallbangers or Woo Woos for an 80s theme!

It?s important to include the favourite cocktail(s) of the party host, especially if they are celebrating a birthday! If your party is being organised as a surprise for a family member or friend, then a discreet enquiry into their best ever cocktail may be needed.

Cocktails can evoke fond memories of past times and holidays providing an instant feel good factor. I have designed a number of cocktails to suit customers tastes & tipple preferences, and a great deal of fun can be had giving drinks appropriate names which have significance to the event or celebration.

A variety of spirit bases should also be considered.? Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whisky, and a prosecco/champagne cocktails cover most tastes, but often speciality drinks are requested and particular spirit brands can be sourced.

Stronger ?hard core? cocktails served in bistro martini or short tumblers are designed to be sipped, whereas longer drinks with a greater proportion of mixer or ice will suit a thirstier guest.? Whenever possible I like to use fresh seasonal fruit & herbs, and as we have practically every type of fruit available to us year round, it is not often that a particular garnish can’t be found.

I?ve never been very keen on plastic ?glass ornaments in the form of novelty stirrers and umbrellas etc. but I have of course made exception to this if it suits the party theme.

Generally a choice of up to 6 cocktails means that all variety of tastes can be catered for without causing confusion and indecision.? I always include some non-alcoholic or mocktail options. ?This caters for drivers, expectant mothers, and even children, who want to feel like they’re taking part in the party atmosphere!.?I supply polycarbonate ?glassware? for youngsters so they have special drinks too.? Wherever possible I mimic the flavour profile of cocktails on the menu (but without the alcoholic content of course). The non alcoholic cocktails are served in the same quality glassware, with fresh mixers & garnish as the alcoholic kind, so your non-spirit drinking guests are not faced with the option of diet coke or lemonade with fruit squash.

I?m always happy to discuss cocktail options, I love researching recipes & ingredients, pairing tastes, tweaking classics, designing from scratch and am happy to experiment until a final recipe is found.

Remember to allow plenty of time for planning.? Book your event date well in advance.? Local authority licensing regulations require at least 30 days to apply for a licence and this should be factored in. Planning well ahead means you have plenty of time to fine tune your cocktail menu to suit you and your guests.? If you want advice or suggestions for suitable options, call & speak to me – its what I do – its my job and I love it!


Janet 🙂

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