Do you buy a bottle for the design or the liquid content?

The same question can be posed of any product and packaging.? There is an incredible market for desireable packaging, and the style, colour and print gives information & messages about its content, appealing to different markets.

Of course, if your bottle is for a gift, you may want its presentation to be a little more than basic packaging. Something which says ‘this is a luxury product, beautifully presented, designed and selected especially for you, because you’re worth it. Or as a ‘safe’ gift. Everyone likes, or knows someone who likes a bottle of wine right?? Pop it in a ready made gift bag and ‘voila’

If you are enticed by a bottle because you are thinking ahead to its second recycled life as a candle holder or vase, then maybe it’s time to rethink your purchase mission and go look at interior design accessories instead.

It’s worth remembering that the cost of the packaging design & production is included in the total cost. In many cases you are paying more for this rather than the content itself.? How much are the contents worth to you?

Have a glance in your drinks cabinet,? Is the content of your drinks cabinet dictated by your favourite tipple or by design? Whatever the outcome, crack open a bottle & enjoy the contents whilst relaxing in your own kind of style.



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