I often joke that I have been brought up on gin. ?I don’t mean that literally of course, but that both parents and grandparents drank gin at gatherings & parties. I found the smell very pleasant & fragrant, not realising then, that juniper scented the air. When I was old enough to taste a gin & tonic I liked it.?Still, now a gin & tonic is my drink of choice. Smooth & refreshing the aroma evokes a settled, relaxed time spent with family & friends.

Gin now has had a rebirth, its reputation transformed from a drink associated with older women ‘mothers ruin’ to a fashionable drink leading the trend in Gin cocktails and tweaked flavour profiles with the addition of (often provincial) herbs (botanicals) and accompanied with a variety of new tonics.

The production of the many gins, adds to my gin drinking experience. Meaning almost infinite variety to a ‘regular’ drink.
Cheers ?