It may seem unusual for the owner of a drinks hospitality business to write about not drinking, but I promote sensible drinking. I provide a service which compliments celebration events.? A Cocktail is a drink that should be sipped and enjoyed, selected to suit individual taste and add to an overall good time.? I am not in the business of making people ill, and I find no pleasure in watching individuals become worse for wear as the result of too much alcohol.

Increasingly over recent years, people are more aware of the harmful effects of alcohol when consumed in excess, and this has led to increased legislation to protect the public.? Lowering the permitted alcohol measurement in the breath/blood for example has reduced drink driving. This is welcomed, having increased protection for public safety and a heightened awareness of the negative effects of drinking on our behaviour and functions.? Recent polls show that the rate of young women are binge drinking less. More people are aware that they will have to function responsibly for duties the following morning, so monitor their intake of alcohol the night before.? Reasons such as pregnancy or medication may stop the consumption of alcoholic drinks.? The choice of ?not drinking? on a night out is perfectly acceptable.? A good party atmosphere is created by many factors including the occasion and company, not by alcohol alone.

We all respond to alcohol & its effects in different ways.? Our mood can be enhanced or suppressed by an alcoholic drink.? Some folk will tell you that they avoid a particular spirit which they know they cannot tolerate.? Often a bad experience (most likely in adolescence) when peer drinking experiments lead to sickness (alcohol poisoning) can put us off that particular alcohol for life, if it is thought to have been the cause. How many times have you heard? – ?I can never touch ________ again since I was really sick with it in ____? . ?

The truth is, too much of any kind of spirit can make anyone sick.? After effects of excessive drinking, or a ?hangover? can last for some time.? Some inflict a steady assault on their vital organs, through a regular drinking habit. There is no doubt that this will have a serious impact on health.? Many of us know someone who has dealt with an alcohol addiction, or that of a family member or friend. ?

Throughout history, alcohol has been used for a number of reasons, celebration and medicinal.? Excessive alcohol consumption is not an effective way of ?dealing? with problems. If a drinking habit causes fear or concern, then an honest look at the impact it has on your health and the people in your life has to be addressed.? Advice is available.? If you know you need it, I urge you to seek help.

It is possible to party, have a good time and celebrate the good things in life without a drop of the ?hard stuff? passing your lips.? There are a plethora of non-alcoholic drinks on the shelves in supermarkets.? We are spoilt for choice with flavours and mocktail options.?

Class Cocktails always offers a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.? All cocktails/mocktails are served in quality glassware and frequently include fresh garnish.? Each drink is prepared with care and attention and we ensure that guests do not feel relegated to the ?not drinking, diet coke? option, if they request a non-alcoholic drink.

I recommend no more than 2-3 alcoholic cocktails per person in an evening, and this is considered when I give advice on service costs for a cocktail party.? I do however, recommend that you sample a well made cocktail or mocktail for your enjoyment. I?m always happy to discuss drink options for all your guests.? Sometimes its easy to stick to what you know best, but I like to encourage people to shift to unknown territory, to try something new, with a different taste profile.? You never know – you may like it. ?

Drink well, drink in moderation and enjoy.


Class Cocktails must be booked at least 30 days ahead of your planned event to allow for an Occasional Licence application (local Licensing requirement).? Contact me for more details and a booking form.

Alcoholics Anonymous ? 0800 9177 650.